Therapeutic Recreation

northern manhattan


Northern Manhattan Rehabilitation and Nursing Center’s therapeutic recreation department offers a variety of programs catering to an individual’s interest and life-time hobbies. Activities are designed to both enhance quality of life and to promote independence and self expression by addressing emotional, social, leisure and religious needs of residents. Our trained staff strive to keep individuals connected with their communities by arranging trips off-site and bringing community groups into the building. Other types of activities include clubs, entertainment, musical events, theme nights, arts, games, active exercises, and many more.

Activities are conducted in our spacious first floor recreation room, sunroom, patios, and lounges. Religious services are provided for all faiths and denominations. Residents actively participate in the Residents’ Council and Food Committee meetings which are held on a monthly basis.


Art Classes help to increase cognitive abilities, eye-hand coordination and creativity. Arts and craft projects range from making pillows, dolls, jewelry, jewelry boxes, belts, caps, ceramic figurines, and more.

Music Therapy stimulates, calms and brings a sense of social connection with others. Summer weekend concerts include Caribbean steel pan instruments, latino music, R&B soul, duets, and popular vocalists Dance therapy is well received. This program offers a change to stretch, reinforce range of motion, and self expression.

Tai Chi classes offer a sequence of slow and flowing exercise movements. This program is a wonderful way to condition the entire body by reducing stress, and is very effective in treating for pain management.

Current Events and daily news are discussed every day. Residents are informed and educated on what is happening in our city and the world. Newspaper and magazine articles are read and discussed.

Men’s Club promotes an opportunity for men to socialize and discuss topics of interests, watching sporting events, share lifetime memories and ideas.

Gourmet Club offers residents an opportunity to put their love into tasting dishes that they prepare, enjoy the aroma from the kitchen, and reminisce about home cooking experiences.

Gospel Club provides a sense of self esteem, socializing, and entertainment. The gospel choir members perform for their peers during special events.

Additional programs include:

  • Ladies’ Nite
  • Spa Day
  • Sunday Socials
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Inter-generational Visits
  • Movie Nite
  • Bingo and Games
  • Birthday Parties
  • Barbeques
  • Ice Cream Socials
  • Drumming Circle
  • Computer Classes
  • Trips to Local Restaurants, etc.
  • Storytelling


  • “I had hip replacement surgery and came to your facility. This event became the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. Because of the type of surgery I had my movements were very restricted. I felt very despondent because I have never been so incapacitated in my life. My nurse was terrific. She took care of me as if I was a member of her family is the best way to put it without sounding maudlin or sentimental. Thanks for the terrific care I received there and I would recommend your institution to anybody.”

    Samuel Y.
    Former Resident (Discharged)
  • “Last week, you went beyond your duties to assist me regarding my grandmother. Throughout your busy schedule, in a very professional and caring manner, you expedited telephone calls and paper work as well as followed-up to get the job completed. Due to your outstanding assistance, my grandmother and myself were very pleased with the results”

    Patricia W.
    Family Member
  • “Thank you for taking such good care of my friend. . . Your facility is the best I have seen. Clean, well organized, polite, and well informed. My friend is flourishing and speaks highly of the center due to your constant care, patience and attention. Thank you for your attention and kindness.”

    Susan B.
    A Friend
  • “I’ve been in two other nursing homes and this facility is the best. I will return to this facility if I need to. Keep doing what you are doing. You all are doing a great job.”

    Susan C.
    Discharged Patient After Short Term Stay
  • “The family wishes you and entire staff the best of success. Thank you so much for all the assistance provided towards improving the well-being of our dear loved one.”

    Lauren T.
    Family Member
  • “Since I’ve been here every time I see my CNA it’s the same warm smile she greets me with and I can honestly say I’m glad to be here”

    Walden S.
  • “God bless all of you.”

    Tom D.
  • “This is my facility, I love it here.”

    Robert M.