subacute services

nurse administers medsSUBACUTE CARE SERVICES are provided by trained and experienced physicians, licensed nurses and certified nursing assistants who work had-in-hand to provide a highly intensive level of care. Many residents are admitted post hospitalization for short or long term rehabilitation services.

Our nursing staff is comprised of highly skilled professionals who deliver expert care in a variety of care areas.

Nursing Rehabilitation

This highly individualized program is delivered by competent Certified Nursing Assistants under the direction of the Registered Rehabilitation Nurse, as an adjunct to other therapies or on its own. Rehab nursing is integral in enabling our residents to recuperate faster, achieve and maintain a level of maximum functioning.

Hospice Nursing

Hospice is a concept of care that provides for the physical emotional and spiritual needs of residents living with life limiting illnesses. The goal is to ease the resident’s passage from life by alleviating pain and controlling symptoms in addition to supporting families and loved ones. Our caring staff in conjunction with the hospice team (contract with local hospice provider) deliver services.

Intravenous Therapies

Some residents, following discharge from hospital or while in our facility, continue to require intravenous fluids or medications. Our nurses competently and safely deliver these services in our home-like environment, thus decreasing the frequency of hospital visits while enhancing the resident’s quality of life.

Fall Prevention Team

Our interdisciplinary fall prevention team works proactively and vigilantly with our residents to decrease the numbers of falls and severity of injuries. Fall risks are continuously assessed and appropriate interventions put in place.

Decubitus Prevention

An aggressive Decubitus prevention program is in place where risks are assessed on admission and on a continuum. To this end, a number of techniques and or devices are utilized on an as needed basis. Devices may include but are not limited to specialty mattresses, pads, pillows, booties, guards, etc.

Wound Management

A variety of wounds are successfully managed here: surgical, vascular, and Decubitus ulcers among others.

The wound management team, headed by the surgeon, sees all wounds on a weekly basis and treatment decisions are made and implemented. The Diapulse Treatment System is one of the modalities of treatment being successfully utilized in our facility.

Pain Management

The right of all residents to have their pain managed is the responsibility of our staff. Our multidisciplinary approach includes pharmacological and non-pharmacological modalities, i.e. medications, physical exercises, positioning, application of ice/heat, ultrasound, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator, relaxation techniques, music, etc.