1. What are the visiting Hours?
    Visitors are welcomed 7 days a week with unlimited visiting hours.
  2. Is the facility location convenient for visiting?
    Yes, the facility is centrally located in Harlem. Click here for directions
  3. Is the facility spacious and clean?
    Yes, we pride ourselves in providing to our residents/family members/visitors and staff a clean environment. Our Environmental staff works diligently to ensure that standards of sanitation and cleanliness are met. Residents’ rooms are spacious and common rooms (dining rooms/lounges/recreational areas) are also spacious and comfortably furnished to meet residents’ needs.
  4. Does the facility have any security systems?
    Yes. The facility has 24hour security in the building. Security staff is located at the front desk and they conduct daily vertical and perimeter patrols of the building. In addition, all exit doors are alarmed and there are perimeter security cameras that are monitored by security personnel.
  5. Are staff members knowledgeable and friendly?
    First and foremost, staff is recruited and hired based upon their qualifications and experience to do the job.
    Prior to starting employment, all staff members participate in an extensive orientation program. Added to the orientation program, there are department specific orientation and yearly mandatory educational programs for all levels of staff. The facility also provides many opportunities for staff to attend seminars and conferences held locally.
    Northern Manhattan staff are friendly and caring individuals. Our goal is to ensure that residents and visitors find a friendly face amongst staff members and staff is committed to assist residents and families in getting acquainted with the facility and services offered.
  6. Is there a medical doctor available around the clock?
    Primary care physicians come to the facility on a daily basis to conduct rounds and see residents. Also, during weekends and holidays one of the physicians comes into the facility to conduct rounds and see residents.
  7. Is there an age when children can visit?
    No, there are no age requirements for visitation.
  8. Are residents allowed to go out to Church or to visit family in the community?
    Yes, based upon the primary care physician’s assessment of the resident’s condition and conversations with family members, a family member can take a loved one out on pass. Prior to the pass day, appropriate planning is made by the nurse and social worker with the family member taking the resident out.
  9. How are residents entertained to prevent boredom?
    Our therapeutic recreation department develops a monthly activities calendar which includes a wide variety of programs on and off the units and trips out of the building. Click here for more information.
  10. Are residents’ daily needs met?
    Yes, our residents are here for care and treatment and we are here to ensure that their needs are met. The interdisciplinary team formulates the plan of care and all members of the team (nurses, certified nursing assistants, recreation therapist, rehabilitation staff, nutritionist, etc.) are charged and committed to providing the highest level of care and services to our residents. Click here for more information on Rehabilitation Services or Subacute Services.